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Using our search, find the mentor that best suits your interests and needs.

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Once the mentor is selected, book a knowe session and confirm the payment.

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Login to our platform and enjoy your advice! Don't forget to rate the knowe session!

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How it works
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A - Sign up - With your LinkedIn profile. If you don´t have one you must sign up to LinkedIn before signing up to Knowe!

B - Create your profile - Add professional background, education and language you feel comfortable speaking.

C - Skills - Pick 3 to 5 expertise you feel comfortable giving advice about

D - Boost your profile - Tell everyone the reason you are at Knowe! Your passion to share and teach something.

E - Price - You can choose the price you wish to charge. We recommend that the value is in accordance with the experience you have. See below an average of prices charged on our platform:

F - Availability - You can suggest some options to host the knowe sessions. But don´t worry, users will also suggest different times to get in touch with you.

G - Review your profile - At the end of your application you can review all your data. Feel free to manage and edit anything you want.

H - Publish your profile - Everything is set! Publish your profile and wait to be contacted!

I - Remember - By signing up to be an mentor you will already be registered to be a user. After publishing you profile you can start checking for the list of mentors and book a knowe session!

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How the knowe
session works

Users will see your profile and book a knowe session! You will receive the booking confirmation by email and the subject he or she wants to discuss. If you don´t feel comfortable talking to this user about the subject he or she suggested, you can reject the knowe session. If the suggested time does not fit your agenda, you can suggest an alternate time for the knowe session!

Quick note before continuing: We support a world without any sort of discrimination. Discrimination has no place at Knowe and offends the Company´s core values which include a commitment to equal opportunity and inclusion. All Knowe Users are expected to join with and uphold this commitment.

Knowe prohibits discrimination against and harassment of any user because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. You are charged to support this effort and to respond promptly and appropriately to any concerns that are brought to your attention. In case of any doubts please contact us at

At the time of your knowe session you need to login to and click “Open Knowe Session”. Clock will start running at this moment. You will have one hour of video knowe session with your user. At the end, do not forget to rate your experience! If everything went well you will receive your payment within 7 days of your knowe session. Knowe has a take-out rate of 20%. Almost all these funds are re-invested in marketing and IT, so we can continue improving the platform and the services… and help expanding Knowe, so we you and us can became together the better and largest career advice platform in the world!